24 Christmas images

Update: the challenge is over and we now have over 3,200 posts to the #adventcalendarart hashtag. So much fantastic work and loads of incredible energy. We were even featured on the Print & Pattern blog!

My take-aways are 1) that the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil are stupendous, 2) I'm in love with the 6B pencil and the studio pen brushes and, 3) I will be drawing lots more people in the new year because they were the most fun and got the most likes. Happy holidays to you. See you in 2017 x

The Four Corners second annual Advent Calendar Challenge has kicked off. I'm hoping to do an image every day and I'll add them here as I do them. You can follow along at the Four Corners Instagram feed. 

Challenges like this are a great way to kick off a ton of new work. I know from last year that the image I post each day is just the starting point. One of my 2015 challenge sketches has gone through a few iterations and is now being test printed by a letterpress publisher in the US. It will be available for wholesale orders at the National Stationery Show in NYC in May next year. I wonder which of the designs below will make it out into the real world...?