Let’s all go on a snail hunt!


The much-awaiting Snailspace Brighton has finally launched. Pick up a copy of the trail map or download the app and start snail hunting. There are tons of great giveaways to unlock and you can even tap and donate on some of the snails.

The trail runs until November 18th. Then the snails will be brought together for a final farewell exhibition before being auctioned to raise money for Martlets in December.

You can find my snail, Paisley, at number 26 on the trail, on the south side of the Steine Gardens just across the road from the Palace Pier.

Happy hunting!

Artist newsletter_600x100_proudartist.jpg

photo diary of Paisley the snail as he came to life...

Some background

 Geronimo, the mascot snail, chilling out on the seafront

Geronimo, the mascot snail, chilling out on the seafront

#Be more snail

Martlets offers life-changing hospice care and, since 1997, they've cared for or supported over 25,000 local people. With this latest fund raising event, they're asking visitors to #BeMoreSnail and take the slow road around the city. I love the idea of an enforced go-slow, a chance to wander around Brighton and Hove with friends and family, taking in the sites and discovering each giant Snail.

As well as the full-size Snails, over 50 junior Snails will be decorated by local schools and youth groups. And children across the city will be learning how they can #bemoresnail too.

On December 3rd, each full-size Snail will be auctioned off to raise money for Martlets so they can continue to offer incredible hospice care to people who need respite or who are at the end of life. The Snowdogs by the Sea trail that Martlets ran in 2016 raised a whopping £310,000. No pressure then!

artists at work

At the start of the year there was a call-out to artists to submit designs for consideration. My notes from the artists' event included the following - 'create memories' and 'joyful'. I knew I wanted to create a snail that was fabulous and decorative, a riot of pattern and colour that would make visitors smile and want to look.

I set about doing some research and found that one of the sponsors had decided to call their snail 'Paisley'. I had literally just painted a Paisley pattern that morning. It was meant to be!

As I pinned images of Paisley patterns in Pinterest, I was struck by the endless variation in the traditional teardrop Paisley shape and also the meditative quality of creating a Paisley-inspired design. My submission was beginning to take shape.

 A blank snail, image © Snailspace

A blank snail, image © Snailspace


I'm a snailway artist

I submitted my design for Paisley the Snail and waited to hear. Sponsors were invited to a closed exhibition of all the shortlisted designs and I'm delighted that Griffith Smith LLP, a local firm of solicitors, laid claim to Paisley as soon as they saw him.

They loved my design but also the story behind it, which is a nod towards a famous legal case knows as the Paisley Snail. It's a fun design with a playful twist that should keep visitors entertained.

I'm not allowed to reveal the details but I will post little sneak peaks as Paisley comes to life.